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The Importance of a First Impression

Recognize it or not, we’re all a bit judgmental. Lives and schedules have become increasingly busy, and audiences simply do not have time to waste on things they see as sub-par. They look for answers furiously and efficiently, and with billions of resources at our disposal, only the best mediums receive our time and attention. People are known to spend a short 1-2 seconds on an object or source before a judgment is made and they decide whether or not what you have to say is worthy.

Your website is no exception. Success revolves around a creative idea that is beautifully executed. Research has determined that websites with underwhelming visuals can have audiences moving along to the next option faster than your homepage can properly load. Your site should be simple, user-friendly, and provide a layout that users can recognize while offering a small dash of creativity. The more appealing the site, the longer your potential consumers are willing to stay on the page. The longer they stay on the page- you guessed it- the more willing they are to take in your offer.

The effect of your logo is also a powerful influence on potential customers. Research shows that a person can spend as many as 7 seconds focused on the logo alone- the highest amount of time spend on any aspect of the page. Make your logo stand out! Something uniquely “you” makes all the difference.

It’s important to understand that first impressions are nearly entirely design related. Premium content means nothing without the ability to grab a person’s attention and convince them that you are the answer. Is the navigation clean and simple to use? Are there excessive pop-up ads? Is there too much text, leaving the audience feeling overwhelmed? All of these questions are crucial to ask yourself when building a successful website. Leave your audience inspired.

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