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Hiring the Right Team to Manage Your Digital Advertising Campaigns is an Important Decision for Your Company, Ask the Right Questions

How to Hire the Right

PPC Management Company

The skills needed to build, launch and manage PPC advertising campaigns are not learned overnight. There are many techniques and tools that your vendor will need to utilize to help deliver a successful advertising campaign and maximize your ROI. This PPC Management Company checklist will help to guide you on the best questions to ask when evaluating vendors.

PPC Management Agency Review & Hiring Checklist

  1. What is your ad campaign management fee structure?

    • This can vary by agency, as some charge a flat rate, while others charge a percentage of the ad budget, or fees can be sometimes based on [erformance. Be sure to get this clarified before making a decision.
  2. Can you provide some examples of similar ad accounts you’ve managed?

    • While campaigns vary based on the business being promoted, the tactics and strategies deployed by an agency can be similar, so ask for some insight from the agency.
  3. What budget do you recommend for my Google Ads campaign based on my goals?

    • Google Ads structures many ad campaigns with daily budget ceilings, so firms should be able to explain how the budgeting works and variables to consider.
  4. Will your PPC strategies change or adjust over time?

    • Agencies should monitor and learn from your campaigns and adjust accordingly, and should ask if there is a seasonable aspect to your business that could impact search or buying trends.
  5. Do you have experience with remarketing campaigns?

    • Retargeting is a valuable and cost-effective digital display advertising tool that targets people who have already visited your site. Since most visitors do not convert on the first site visit, rather they do research and information gathering, it is an effective tool to remind people to come back to your site since they had indicated an interest in your services. It’s important for the PPC agency you hire to have remarketing experience.
  6. How do you track the success of the campaign?

    • Success should correlate with the goals you identified and shared initially, so ask how those goals, and associated conversions, will be tracked by the firm.
  7. If we experience a decrease in conversions, what actions will you take?

    • Agencies need to learn and pivot should the desired results not be achieved. Ask how they would approach that and share examples of how those changes for other clients delivered better results.
Hiring a PPC management company should not be a time-consuming or stressful endeavor. Rather, ask the PPC questions from this checklist to review the companies you’re considering, and find the PPC company that works best for you.
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