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A significant audience of potential patients looking for a dentist suffer from dental phobia. Our digital campaigns look to address their concerns and to position our dental clients as someone they can trust for their dental care with personalized care and without judgement.

Internet Marketing for

Sedation Dentistry

At Gazz Digital, we know dentistry, and we know dental practice Internet marketing and proven techniques to help build your patient base.
Sedation dentistry is a great motivator, and the market for patients with a fear of the dentist or who are looking for options to make their appointment a more relaxed and calm experience is growing . From the clients we’ve worked with on sedation dentistry, we’ve seen higher conversion rates of leads to patients, higher production values in terms of treatments performed and patients have been willing to travel father distances to see sedation dentists with whom they feel comfortable.

While this marketing strategy isn’t for every dentist, it has strong potential for those dental offices looking to market sedation dentistry. We will look to:

  • Market to patients with dental phobia
  • Stress the benefits of sedation dentistry
  • Emphasize the client’s specialization in relaxation dentistry

View some of our dental sedation marketing clients for yourself:

  • Orangevale Dental – Sedation Dentistry for Fair Oaks, CA
  • Vestal Dental – Sedation Dentistry for Binghamton, NY
  • We can leverage our years of working with dentists to help your practice. We understand your profession, your challenges, and your goals.
  • Talk with Gazz Digital today about sedation dentistry marketing for your dental practice.