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Unique & Engaging Content Builds Trust and Establishes Credibility

Effective Content Marketing is a Valuable Opportunity to Reach

New Audiences & to Provide Value

Generating & promoting engaging & resourceful content is an essential component of a comprehensive multi-faceted online marketing campaign.

While an eye-catching, effective website is crucial to creating an effective online experience, its effectiveness can be significantly diminished if not paired with the proper content marketing. Creating a website only for it to be left alone and static is one of the biggest mistakes businesses are making when it comes to marketing themselves online. The majority of online searches start with a question or informational query, and content marketing is the string that pulls it all together.

What Types of Content are Effective for

Content Marketing?

As a first step, we stress that clients should not create content that is ‘plain’ and that no one will want to engage with. Effective content should be thought out and planned accordingly. Share the knowledge and experience you’ve accumulated over the years while running or working at your business. Establishing credibility and engaging with consumers is pivotal to convincing Google that you are a powerful source of information, and therefore, worthy of promotion. At Gazz Digital, we create and connect these pieces of content in a way that optimizes this promotion and puts you on top.

Google Looks for Authority with

Content Authors

While quality content is important to Google when determining organic search results, the days of developing content purely based on keywords is behind us. It’s important to build the credibility or expertise of the author to demonstrate your knowledge on a particular subject or topic, which Google refers to as E-A-T, or Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. When blogging for clients, we help to build their credibility by clearly designating them as authors of their blog content. Blogging is one of the most impactful ways of content marketing, and as blog content is engaged with and develops visibility in search, it represents a wealth of resourceful information that enables our authors to gain credibility as a reputable source, and strengthen their E-A-T in the process.
There are various ways to implement content marketing into your business, and the more creative we can be, the better.
Branding yourself and promoting your business through content marketing is a surefire way to get Google on your side while bridging the gaps in your online presence.

Common FAQs on Content Marketing

In our experience working with clients, content marketing has proven one of the most effective channels to build organic traffic and reach motivated audiences. Unique, engaging, relevant, and resourceful content can attract and retain targeted and motivated audiences.
Firstly, we recognize that our clients know their business and customer needs better than us, and as such we work closely with our clients to develop ideas and topics which will have the greatest impact and engagement. As examples, clients share questions their customers have often asked, developments in their industry, new technology, and other areas that we use to develop strategies and topics for a content calendar.
Be creative. No one wants to read or engage with bland or generic content. Take time to really dig and develop good content ideas.
While a common question, with content marketing, quality is much more important that quantity. We’d recommend targeting at least one new piece of content for your blog per month, but if bandwidth and budget permit, we can increase that frequency.