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Where do we begin? The FAQs below offer an overview of the process and requirements for working with Gazz Digital.
The designers and writers of Gazz work together to construct creative, customized marketing strategies that help our clients establish a strong Internet presence. We work to understand your vision and the services you want to promote, and we present our clients a comprehensive range of options for attracting customer traffic and increasing revenue.
We can offer both SEO and PPC advertising services for clients that already have a web site. We will need to review your existing web site to determine what we would recommend in terms of online marketing strategies, but we can definitely help.
We want our clients to be satisfied with our work, and our long-term relationships with our clients speaks to our success. Clients are not forced to sign long term contracts when working with Gazz Digital nor will you be charged a cancellation fee should you wish to move on.
Initially, we’ll look for a full download on your business, offerings, competitors, customers and other information that will guide the development of your SEO campaign. We’d rather have more information than less to help us hit the ground running.

We work better and our campaigns are more effective when working closely with our clients. We understand your priority is running and growing your business, so we’ll be selective in asking for your time. On a regular (usually monthly or quarterly) basis, based on the clients’ preferences, we’ll look to talk and/or meet to learn about new developments in the business and what your customers are saying or asking you in person. This insight is very helpful for our team and enables us to further refine and optimize your SEO.