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Importance of Claiming and Managing your Business Listing on Google

While business owners understand the importance of having their web site found in a Google organic search, just as, if not more important, for ‘local’ searches is to ensure you have claimed and updated your business listing on Google My Business, or Google Maps/Google+ Local.



  • Local search visibility. If you search for a local business or service, odds are a map image with business listings will appear in your search results above the organic web site results, so you want to be there.
  • Managing business information. Unless you have claimed your listing and become ‘verified,’ you will not be able to manage your business information. So if your business hours change, you have a new logo or have moved locations, this information can’t been updated by you.
  • Customer reviews. Your business listing on Google is also perhaps the most visible repository for customer reviews. They can appear in search and with a verified listing, you also have the ability to respond to customer reviews as well.

Do I need to have a web site to have a business listing on Google?

No. Web site or not, you can create a listing.

What do I need to create a listing?

Each business must have an address and a unique telephone number. So if you have a business that shares an office with another business, the address can be shared, but in order to be a separate verified business listing, you can not share a telephone number. Even if you do, it can be easy enough to set up a separate number to use with the listing, and just have calls forward to your primary number.

How do I claim my listing?

Here is an easy to follow video outlining the steps

What if someone else has claimed my business listing?

This can happen, whether perhaps due to activities of a previous business owner or from a former SEO or marketing firm who may have claimed it on your behalf but still retains ownership. In the Google My Business dashboard, you have the ability to request admin rights to the listing from the existing owner, and if that person doesn’t respond to your request after a period of time, you can contact Google and request that the listing be

request admin rights






If you have further questions or would like to discuss assistance with claiming and optimizing your business maps listing on Google, send us an email or give us a call.

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