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How Do I Track Lead Conversions on My Website?

Tracking website conversions is an important part of understanding just how well your website is performing. This can reveal changes that need to be made, but also highlights positive factors that should be repeated in future endeavors. While various analytics can be tracked depending on the action you want site visitors to take, we are going to focus on tracking new customer lead conversions or acquisitions.

Tracking Conversions Through Google AdWords

Here are four areas to consider when it comes to tracking conversions through AdWords:

  1. Tracking contact form submissions – Every time someone submits a form on your website, you now have a new customer lead. The number of submissions that come through Google AdWords advertising is easily tracked.
  2. Dynamic call conversion tracking – When the right coding is added to your ad, viewers will see a dynamic number. This means that each ad will have a different phone number, allowing Google to track how many callers come from each ad. However, all calls are forwarded to your normal business line, and the area code is normally kept the same so people still recognize your business as local. Note: This won’t work if you have multiple phone numbers for different office locations listed on your website.
  3. Mobile ad call generation – AdWords also tracks calls from mobile devices. The main difference is that mobile users likely click the number and call directly. Therefore, they don’t actually see your website, so this may be considered ad conversion rather than website conversion.
  4. Call length is necessary for tracking – AdWords only tracks calls that reach a certain length that denotes conversion. This is set by the user, and we generally set a minimum call length for conversion at 45 seconds for our clients.

Additionally, you can set up events in Google Analytics to track both form submissions and “click to calls.” When tracking is set up in this manner, all calls are tracked equally, so the call length is not considered.

Know How Your Website Is Performing

When you can see the number of leads generated by your website and other online advertising efforts, it really drives home the value of digital marketing. This has motivated some clients to put more of their marketing efforts into the digital world as clear results are seen. At Gazz Consulting, we want you to have transparent access to the analytics that show what digital marketing is doing for you and your business. Contact us anytime with questions about how to see your conversion and lead generation stats.

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