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Effective SEO is No “Quick Fix”

Entrepreneurs, as well as new and old businesses, have armed themselves in all of the new gadgets that search engine optimization has to offer in order to improve their business and gain visibility. Playing in the “Google sandbox” with tools such as Webmaster, Analytics, and Places have provided businesses with the new opportunity to see exactly what potential clients are searching for and use that information to their advantage. This turn of the century technology provides us with never before seen information and insight, in turn placing us directly into the mind of the consumer for the very first time. While content marking and search engine optimization are key to operating a successful business, it’s important to understand that it is no “quick fix” for gaining online visibility.


SEO is an extremely effective marketing solution, but many clients are misinformed as to the length of time it takes to start seeing results. Many people who use SEO get anxious about seeing their numbers improve and want to feel that their invested time and money has been well spent. Before beginning any SEO campaign, it is important to understand that this is a long-term play. There is no on/off switch when it comes to building a business around a solid marketing strategy, and the research and adjustment it takes from the inside to show improvement requires patience and faith. The process is a continuous effort that requires consistent updating of meta-tags, research of popular keywords, and a creation of rich content that will prove to Google that you are a reputable source.


Perhaps most importantly, proper SEO (like a fine wine) requires time to age. Search engine optimization paired with additional marketing efforts takes time to shape and begin receiving attention from target audiences. Creating powerful content through various mediums and publishing them with high-yielding keywords is the ultimate goal, and you should be very cautious of any company that promises a specific number result in “x” amount of time. Building a strong SEO strategy requires a solid foundation of key terms and organic searches that change over time while still reflecting who you are as a company- and that takes time! However, when it is done correctly, it can help give your business the growth and opportunity to maintain a powerful Internet presence.


Trusting the experts as well as routinely providing new, fresh content to your Internet marketing agency will help your business gain the visibility it needs to be successful. Just have faith in the process- and keep going! The only thing better than a quick fix is being in it for the long haul.

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