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Learn How Nonprofits Can Benefit From Applying for Google Ad Grants


google ad grants

If you have a nonprofit organization, you may qualify for a Google Ad grant through Google for Nonprofits to promote your business online.

Eligible businesses include nonprofit charitable organizations that are non-government entities. To qualify, your organization cannot be a hospital or healthcare organization, or an academic institution, as these qualify for different grants via Google for Education.

How can your nonprofit apply for a Google Ad grant, and what are the benefits? We’ve got the information you need here.

How to Get Started With a Google Ads Grants Account

Before you can be considered eligible for a grant, you need to verify your organization. To do this, Google requires you to register your organization with TechSoup, a nonprofit and international network of organizations that provide tech support and tools to nonprofits. 

Eligible organizations must hold valid charity status in their country. Once registered, you will be given a verification token, which you will use to request your account with Google for Nonprofits. Google will also notify you via email once your nonprofit is verified. 

You must also have a website that Google considers high-quality and meets the Ad Grants website policy. Among other criteria, the policy stipulates that the non-profit must own the website domain, the website must be clear about the organization and its mission, and must have substantial, updated, and unique content.

Once your organization has been approved, you can create and activate your Google Ad Grants account and launch an ad campaign. You can then continue to track your ads, monitor the effectiveness of your campaign, and make improvements as time goes on.

Benefits of Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits

Receiving a Google Ad grant through Google for Nonprofits has many benefits. Through Google Ads, you can:

  • Increase awareness of your organization. By reaching more people, you can attract donors and volunteers to your website and increase your nonprofit’s impact, as people who may be searching for your services can more easily find you on Google with Google Ads.
  • Get more traffic to your website. Increased traffic can translate to better search engine rankings, making it easier for people to find your website. A more visible site can support fundraising and even help you find new talent, including employees and volunteers.
  • Track your marketing efforts. With a Google for Nonprofits account and Google Ads, you can utilize Google Analytics to track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and adjust your strategy as time goes on to increase your visibility and impact.
  • Customize your strategy. Google Ads allow nonprofits to choose their own keywords, destination pages, and ad copy, so they have more control over the message they want to deliver and the audience they want to attract.

Qualifying nonprofit organizations will receive up to $10,000 USD of in-kind advertising per month for text ads shown on when approved through Google for Nonprofits. Although you don’t have to use this entire amount, it is available as part of the grant program.

Do You Qualify for a Grant?

Google Ads can help both for-profit organizations and nonprofits boost their online visibility, especially when used with Google Analytics to track marketing efforts. Do you qualify for a Google Ads grant through Google for Nonprofits? Find out what grants you could be eligible for and how to strategize your marketing campaign by contacting Gazz Digital today.

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