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What We’ve Learned About Facebook Advertising for Dentists

More than 1.4 billion people use Facebook to connect with the people and things that matter most to them, andFacebook dental ad nearly 900 million visit the social powerhouse every single day. Facebook’s ad features allow businesses to choose the audiences that they wish to target by age, location, interests and more. Facebook is an extremely important tool for delivering relevant, powerful information straight into the hands of consumers. However, during our experience as marketing strategists specializing in the field of dentistry, we have discovered that not all Facebook advertising is created equal.

When it comes to researching their dental needs, we have found that those in need of care do not use Facebook as their primary source of inquiry. Therefore, it’s important to be strategic when incorporating Facebook advertising into your marketing campaign and use Facebook for what it does best: creating an emotional response. Facebook is the ideal platform for creating a personal narrative rather than completing a quick transaction. Consumers use Facebook to catch up with old friends, keep in touch with relatives, read about the latest drama, and scroll through an endless supply of images. They crave content that will give them a reaction, not simply tell them about a local deal for a procedure they don’t necessarily need.

Research, as well as our experience, has shown that the absolute best image to use in a Facebook ad is of a happy woman. Women who look overjoyed, free, and elated convert the best, and this is because a large smile and a stress-free demeanor evoke a feeling of awe and desire. They deliver a craving to reach the same level of confidence by improving the area of life that that they may have previously chosen to ignore.  An image that allows the consumer to create his or her own personal story by responding emotionally to content will always yield a far greater return.  

In the case of social media advertising for dentistry, a large image of a glowing, white smile with supplemental text has proven to be the most effective. Text with narrative-creating words such as “stunning”, “aesthetic”, or “radiance” remind consumers that the smile of their dreams, and a more confident demeanor, are only a click away. Phrases such as “your smile says a lot about you” and “make the smile you’ve always wanted become a reality” are the perfect accompaniment to the images that motivate consumers to take action.

The bottom line is that in the year 2016, consumers know how to get what they want. If they are in need of a dental implant or a teeth-whitening procedure, they know how to Google or Yelp what they’re searching for. While promotions and deals are an excellent option for attracting positive attention and driving new customers in the door, the strength of social media advertising lies elsewhere. So we’ve seen that advertising for general dentistry, or promoting a discounted ‘new patient’ special, hasn’t been the most productive on Facebook advertising. The ultimate goal of advertising on these platforms is not simply to get the patient in the door, but to instead inspire them to become a better version of themselves.

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