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How Can My Website Grab the Attention of My Online Audience?

There are plenty of bells and whistles on the Internet. Substance, on the other hand, is sorely lacking. How can you make sure that your website stands out and leaves a lasting impression on your site visitors? After all, you work hard and spend a lot of your resources on driving traffic to the site. Conversion is a must. Here are 5 tips to make sure the site performs.

Know Your Message and Present It Well

One of the big mistakes that web developers make is having no idea what the primary message of the website is before getting to work. There’s all this creativity and storytelling, but where is it supposed to be leading the site visitor? First, you need to understand why consumers should care about your message. Then it needs to be conveyed in a unique and innovate way that makes your site more memorable than those of your competitors.

The Importance of Brevity

You should be able to convey your message to consumers in the fewest words possible. Of course, there are times that you can’t explain a subject in 10 words or less. For example, what if you are explaining a new dental treatment or product? Now the goal of the title is to make the reader curious in as few words as possible, so he or she continues reading the article. For example, the title “How to Improve Your Smile in 5 Easy Steps” is a great attention grabber.

Don’t Overlook Empathy

Potential clients want to know that you care about their well-being. You need to plainly outline the challenges consumers face so they realize you understand the problem. Then explain your solution and why it is the best choice.

Maintaining Attention

Once you catch a site visitor’s attention, you need to provide substance so that you hold his or her attention. This is referred to as creating engagement. What provides enough value to a user that someone will decide to stay on your site for more than a few seconds? A stock image and a well-written article are a good start, but that will only get you so far. Real photos from your business (the office, staff, clients, etc.), videos, and infographics are what people want to see.

Being Memorable

Remember that what stays in a site visitor’s mind the longest is the last thing he or she hears or sees on the site. This means you want to summarize your main point at the end of your content and provide a call to action, whether that content is written or visual.

By following these 5 guidelines, you can create an attention-grabbing site that also engages consumers and converts that interest into new clients.

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