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Content Strategy for Chiropractic Internet Marketing Campaigns

Online marketing is becoming a vital way to get new leads and acquire clients for chiropractic practices. In a world where over 85% of patients search for information on a health topic before seeing a physician, targeting the right keywords is a necessary way to reach people. We want to put our experience in online marketing for chiropractors to work for you. Here are a few ways we connect patients to doctors.  

Chiropractic Keywords—More than just “Back Pain”

If you’re only targeting the phrase “back pain” with your digital campaigns, your business is losing out on some of the most important search terms. In fact, long-tail keywords can often drive better leads than a generic term. Here are a few examples:

  • Targeting by Location – If your practice is in DC, having someone in LA find your site doesn’t bring in a new client. That means creating keywords like “back pain treatment in Washington DC.”
  • Niche Traffic – Many patients do not realize that a chiropractor is a great place to go to have sports injuries treated. Don’t just target “sports injuries.” Get specific. For example, we’ve helped some of our clients acquire new patients by using terms directly related to shooting, tennis, and wrestling injuries.
  • Who/What/When/Where/Why – We’ve already addressed where when it comes to targeting by location, but answering these other investigative questions can help your practice to find searchers who are looking for a doctor and not just someone doing research.

Video Creates Confidence in a Doctor

Before someone chooses a health practitioner, he or she wants to be confident in that person’s ability and comfortable with one’s demeanor. Videos can go a long way toward introducing yourself to a potential client. Websites, blogs, and social media are great places to add a video. Seeing your face and hearing your voice humanizes the practice for a consumer and can make someone feel more comfortable with selecting your practice.

Case Study: Dr. Ward—Ward Chiropractic

Gazz Consulting has been assisting Ward Chiropractic to bring in new clients every month by using many of the campaign strategies noted above. While targeting keywords that are generic to the chiropractic industry, we’ve also used keywords that are specific to Dr. Ward’s practice such as sports related rehabilitation and repetitive motion injuries. We also target potential clients in the nearby area by using Fairfax as a part of many keywords. The blog features seasonal topics that potential new patients will be searching for right now. And videos are used on the practice’s website and social media. As a result, Dr. Ward’s website moved from page 21 to page 1 in just 8 months of digital campaigns, and targeted traffic is turning into new clients.

We want to provide the same kind of results for your practice. Contact us today at (703) 457-6687 to get started!

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