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Creating a Strong Mobile Presence

In 2012, Google released an informative study regarding the “Multi-Screen World.” In this study, Google described the complex picture of how the web isn’t as streamlined as it used to be. Web searchers are taking on various forms. From tablet, to desktop, to cell phones, users are accessing information in more ways than ever. Google determined one thing that has changed the way we do SEO and marketing forever: Smartphones are the backbone of our daily media use.

Creating an influential mobile presence is absolutely imperative to a successful business strategy. Web searchers, as many as 65%, are using mobile devices as their starting point for nearly all searches, and a starting point always involves a first impression. Much of it comes down to a matter of convenience: users will always reach for the “screen” that is closest to them. Is their tooth hurting, leaving them wondering which dentist to head to for emergency removal? You can bet that they will reach for the phone in their pocket. Will the website they land on be effective?

In addition, cell phone screens are much smaller, meaning that less search results are displayed (as few as two). Only the companies that rank highest in Google in regards to link building and credibility will be shown, unless the user decides to scroll down further. A powerful SEO and mobile presence leaves your business “above the fold” and more likely to receive page views.

Search volume among non-desktop devices is increasing, and your business cannot be left behind. Be ready to make a positive first impression anywhere, anytime by optimizing your website for the mobile movement.

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