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For Search Advertising, Don’t Overlook Microsoft (Bing) Ads

Launching an ad campaign can help improve your online visibility, draw people to your website, and drive conversions when done properly. However, there’s understandably a lot of competition when advertising your site with Google, the most popular search engine.

But despite the competition and expense of Google Ads, is it really worth it to consider another option?

Microsoft (Bing) Ads are less popular than Google Ads. However, advertising with Bing along with Google allows you to reach more people, including the majority of people searching online.

Why else shouldn’t you overlook Bing Ads for your campaign? Here’s why Microsoft may be worth considering for your marketing strategy with online ads.

Bing Provides Higher Visibility Across More Platforms

Microsoft owns Bing, but it also owns Yahoo and AOL. That’s three different search engines that your ad will be seen on when you advertise with Bing.

When you advertise with Google, your ad is only seen by users on Google. Although that in itself can provide higher visibility and campaign results for your website, why not advertise with Bing for a lower cost in addition to Google and reach even more people?

Using both these search engines for your ad campaign allows for a more comprehensive reach of your target audience on the web, which can result in higher visibility and more traffic and conversions.

There Is Less Competition Than Google Ads

Since Google is the largest search engine by far, there is a lot of competition with Google Ads. This can result in an expensive campaign with limited results. However, Bing Ads offer more value for your money, as there is less competition and a lower cost-per-click.

For many businesses, leveraging Bing Ads along with Google Ads provides a more cost-effective and comprehensive marketing approach than using either search engine alone for online advertising, resulting in a better return on their investment.

Bing Is the Second Largest Search Engine on the Web

Although Google ranks first, Bing still happens to be the second largest search engine on the web. Bing gets well over 800 million inquiries daily, and that doesn’t count Yahoo, which nets over 550 million searches per day. That’s a lot of missed opportunities for your business to take advantage of with Bing Ads.

Microsoft also provides additional features that Google does not when it comes to online advertising. For example, Bing allows users to make mistakes when searching while still providing accurate results. It also allows for more control over ad targeting, including among different time zones and specific demographics.

Have You Tried Bing Ads for Your Business?

If you haven’t looked into Bing Ads for your business, you could be missing a significant amount of online users and visibility for your brand. At Gazz Digital, we’ve found that Bing PPC has been an integral component of ad campaigns for our clients in addition to Google. Find out more about how Bing can supplement your ad strategy by contacting us today.

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